Lightweight eight scrimmage against Indiana and Iowa
Paul Capobianco

Lightweight Rowing

Five boats in top three for lightweights at Head of the Hooch

Championship double sculls go 1-2-3 on first day on the Tennessee River

Lightweight Rowing

Five boats in top three for lightweights at Head of the Hooch

Championship double sculls go 1-2-3 on first day on the Tennessee River

CHATANOOGA, Tenn. – With entries in three different events on the first day of the Head of the Hooch, the Wisconsin women's lightweight rowing team had a fun time in the program's final outside fall competition of 2018.

The championship eight placed third among 21 entries, finishing behind only openweight crews from Louisville and Alabama. The Badgers' time of 15 minutes, 9.845 seconds was just under 10 seconds behind the winners.

In the championship four, UW split up the top two from the championship eight, taking second place behind Louisville and finishing ahead of the Crimson Tide. The Badgers clocked 16:35.502 to finish just under 11 seconds behind the leader.

Eighteen crews took part in the four event.

UW entered three boats in the championship double sculls and swept the top three spots among the 18 entries. The Badgers top boat won in 16:52.249, with UW's B and C crews finishing within 20 seconds of the winning entry.

Straight from the River
Lightweight coach Dusty Mattison

"This year we went to the Head of the Hooch because it provides more racing opportunities and with having a younger squad – half of the team is made up of freshmen and sophomores – we really want to get them up and down the race course as many times as possible. With the upperclassmen leading the way in terms of having racing experience under their belts to share with the freshman we wanted to get them excited to get going for the end of the fall, leading into winter training and getting us excited for the spring.

"The other thing about the Head of the Hooch is that it is later in the season. With having a younger team, we really spent the fall trying to come together with technique and all get on the same page that way. Racing here provided us a little bit of extra time to do that."

On the championship eight
"They've been doing all this really awesome work and now they had that opportunity today to just go after it and race really hard and they did exactly that. They had a ton of fun doing it.

"We learned a lot during that race in terms of more technical things we want to keep pushing the rest of the year and also how we can better keep bringing them together in a racing situation."

On the championship double
"We swept that event – 1-2-3. It was so exciting. It was an event that we kind of threw together. We never had raced together and more wanted to use it as a time for them to have some fun, do something different and they did it. They really embraced racing hard and having fun."

On the championship four
"They did a really nice job in learning from the previous eight event. They really did a nice job of implementing a technical change."

Head of the Hooch
Nov. 3, 2018
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Tennessee River
5000 meters

Championship Eight (18 entries)
1. Louisville, 14:59.871; 2. Alabama, 15:02.047; 3. Wisconsin Lightweights, 15:09.845; 4. Rhode Island, 15:12.559; 5. North Carolina, 15:21.402
UW Lineup – Coxswain Eden Rane, Grace D'Souza, Rachel Illgen, Grace Joyce, Sophia Krivoruchko, Monica Rodriguez, Brianna Ohm, Payton James, Marilyn Garberg

Championship Four (21 entries)
1. Louisville A, 16:24.491; 2. Wisconsin Lightweights, 16:35.502; 3. Alabama, 16:36.689; 4. North Carolina, 16:37.721; 5. Louisville B, 16:38.010
UW Lineup – Coxwain Mya Lebakken, Sophia Krivoruchko, Delaney Toepel, Julia Johnson, Payton James

Championship Double Sculls (18 entries)
1. Wisconsin Lightweights A, 16:52.249; 2. Wisconsin Lightweights B, 17:09.996; 3. Wisconsin Lightweights C, 17:12.132; 4. Detroit, 17:14.191; 5. Louisville, 17:18.686
UW Lineups – A - Grace D'Souza, Grace Joyce
B - Monica Rodriguez, Marilyn Garberg
C - Rachel Illgen, Brianna Ohm
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